Fundamental motor skill interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorder: A literature review

This article examines the current state (as of 2019) regarding motor interventions designed to assist autistic youth develop fundamental motor skills.


In addition to the core characteristics of ASD, recent research has demonstrated that children on the autism spectrum develop motor skills differently, often delayed, compared with peers. Motor skill interventions can help improve motor skills, which in turn can increase the likelihood of participating in physical activity (PA) and potential to build social skills. However, research in this area is limited. A search of several prominent databases revealed a total of five empirical studies focused on building gross motor skills for children on the autism spectrum. Although the reviewed studies varied in the delivery and focus of intervention, overall, the reviewed studies suggest a positive effect from any intervention for children on the autism spectrum. Further research in this area is necessary to better understand the most effective means of delivering a motor skill intervention.

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