Make task constraints work for you: Teaching object control skills to students with autism spectrum disorder.

Examines the use of Dynamic Systems theory to manipulate the task constraints present when teaching autistic youth gross motor skills. This theoretical inquiry was a frame for my dissertation.


Teaching object-control skills to students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be difficult due to the unique challenges posed by the individual; however, it is necessary for the students' future success and ability to perform physical activities. Utilizing concepts from dynamic systems theory and Newell's constraint approach, object-control tasks can be broken into teachable components that are easier to achieve. Through utilization of task constraints, students' motor movements are influenced into the correct pattern. Ulrich's Test of Gross Motor Development was used as a framework for selecting six object-control skills to demonstrate how a task constraint model can be used to teach these skills to students with ASD.

Self Archived Manuscript

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